Main successful cases:
1、Industry LCD man-machine interface 16、Inverter power
2、WinCE embedded system 17、multi-channel monitoring and alarm machine TS-260
3、Book and newspaper selling machine 18、Vehicle mounted fire gun controller
4、Embedded intelligent control module 19、Vehicle with radio interface fire gun controller
5、Automatic label stripping machine 20、Fire gun control system based on CAN bus
6、Automatic label stripping machine with LCD 21、Automatic backlight film stripping machine
7、Industrial inkjet printer anti fake control board 22、Digital tester
8、Industrial inkjet printer controller 23、iCom Automatic viscosity controller intelligent communication system
9、Industrial inkjet printer monitor 24、Embedded Web server
10、Electronic scale driven ink-jet printer module 25、Web remote display / operating experience system
11、Wind speed controller in ventilation system 26、Web remote control and video display experience system
12、VAJD Digital signal superposition system 27、Network remote real game system (network doll machine)
13、Valve push rod controller 28、Hotel room lighting control system
14、Tower crane monitoring data recorder 29、Network control system
15、Elevator weight monitoring alarm