Serial webserver EM12 (transfer data from serial to web page, add Web access function to your devices )

Product features:

1. Application of EM12 is convenient. It can be connected to the common microcontroller system, embedded system, PLC system, DSP system, ARM system, etc. using the serial connection. Users can integrate it into their own system easily.It can add Web control function to the device

2. It is based on advanced B/S architecture, user can control, view state directly through the ordinary browser. User needn’t install software, it’s easy to use. It support a large number of PC, mobile phones, tablet PC browser, such as IE, Firefox, Open, Baidu, UC, Google chrome, QQ browser, etc.. Client support windows, iOS, Android, Linux and other systems

3. It can be used in LAN and WAN. It can be used in the worldwide through the router port mapping settings.

4. It has perfect and convenient redevelopment ability. User can redevelop it by using Dreamweaver. It supports HTML, JavaScript and simple ASP. It supports a variety of formats files such as GIF, PNG, JPG and BMP. It also supports development libraries such as jQuery, EasyUI jQuery, etc..

5.It supports Ajax page asynchronous update technology.

6). It supports MP3, FLV, SWF and other audio/video media player (note! At the same it needs browser support. ) This can make more beautiful and charming interface. Users can add their own audio/video about products description, introduction, and ad.

7. It supports multiple users’ access simultaneously.

8. It has Ftp server port; the user can upload their WebPages to the server through the port.

9. It has Ftp port protection function. When it’s enabled, the Ftp port is prohibited from accessing the internal file. This function can protect your redevelopment results

10. It has 200M user spaces for users to use.

11. It has more than 1000 lines of ASP internal code for the user to learn and reference, user can redevelop their own system easily.

12. The module has a built-in network controller, the interface can only be connected with the network interface and the circuit design is simpler.

13. it’s based on ARM core 32 bit high speed RISC processor, 6 PCB design, small size, stable and reliable.

14. It is ultra low power consumption without fan design, all-weather continuous work

15. Manufacturer has strong R & D capabilities. If you have more functional needs, please contact us.






Working voltage

DC:5V or 3.3V

Working temperature


Rated power consumption




Net weight


ROM space



ARM 32bit 433MHz

Original IP

Original password


Little hints :This product can be redeveloped, the redevelopment of this product can refer to the product inside the ASP source files or customized by the manufacturers


It can be embedded inside the original equipment, add web page operation and monitoring functions to equipment. For example:

1. Control ritzy intelligent Home.

2. Industrial automatic controlling or monitoring.

3.Embedded modules in automatic equipments, add Web control functions to the equipments.
Serial Webserver test suite

Test board instructions:

Because EM12 is the PCB bare board form, Users need to design the hardware circuit. For the convenience of rapid test and evaluation, you can choose the company's dedicated test suite, in order to assess the application quickly.

Test suite includes::

EM12 –1pcs

Test board –1pcs

Ethernet cable–1pcs

Serial line—1pcs(Serial extended line, that is, one end is male ,the other end is female .)

USB cable-1pcs(Power supply)

The power adapter 5V –1pcs (It’s not a standard configuration, it’s an option.)