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1) Based on advanced B/S architecture, control the relay through the browser directly, check on the input state of contact, no need to install software, easy to use. Support PC, cell phone, tablet computer browser such as IE, Openg, Firefox, UC, chrome, Google, QQ browser.

2) It can be used on LAN, the Internet. Through the configuration of the router port mapping, terminal browser can access and control it.

3) Support MP3, FLV, SWF and other audio, video media player (note! At the same time, also need a browser that supports). The developed interface is more beautiful, more appealing. The users can add their own introduction, profile, advertisement and other audio, video media.

4) Many internal parameters set by Webpage, more intuitive and convenient.

5) The switch state and the DI input state refresh and display automatically.

6) It can Set or memory. When EA02 is power up, it will output relay status.

7) Support for multiple users to simultaneously access.

8) Users can programme the product with SDK. It can be controlled by software programming. It is convenient for users to integrate it into their own system.

9) With perfect, convenient redevelop ability, users can update products on their own. Dreamweaver or other software can be used to redevelop. Support HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, and simple ASP. Support for multiple file format GIF, PNG, JPG, and BMP and so on.

10) With the Ftp server port, user’s own redevelopment of Webpage can be transmitted to the server via the port.

11) Ftp port protection function. When enabled, access to internal documents through the Ftp port is prohibited. Protect the fruits of redevelopment.

12) Up to 200M user spaces for use.

13) More than 1000 lines of ASP codes are opened to user to learn and reference. It is convenient for users to redevelop their own system.

14) Extensible peripheral functions flexibly via the serial port. It can be connected to other MCU system. (* optional features)

15) Ultra low-power fanless design, continuous work around the clock.

16) The product can be used to install or screw installation guide, very convenient.

17) Manufacturer has strong research and development capabilities. If you have more features, please contact the manufacturer.


Items Data
Working voltage
Working temperature
Output contact
dry contact output,5A/250V × 8 routes
Input contact
dry contact input eight routes
Maximum power consumption of power supply
Static power dissipation power
Net weight
Original IP

Original password

 Ethernet × 1
 Data input ports× 8
 Data output ports× 8
 USB(host)× 1*
 USB(device)× 1*
 *:Non standard parts, need to customize


Little hints :This product can be further developed, The further development of this product can refer to ASP source files inside the product or customed by the manufacturers

Product can be used widely in remote monitoring,operation based on ethernet.For example:
1.Control ritzy intelligent Home.
2.Industrial automatic controling or monitoring.
3.Embedded modules in automatic equipments,add network control functions to the equipments.

The first connection

The second connection

Login interface

Monitoring interface

Parameters setting interface(set IP,Ftp,web)

Video playing test

Ftp login managment

Help information

Output terminal block
Lead rail installation on the back